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After three solid albums and two European tours with the legends in “Fu Manchu” it is time for the next step in Truckfighters way to become “big”. 2011 will be the year when TF broadens their perspective and enter the widescreen for real.

Yes, Truckfighters from Örebro (SWE) is a band most people within the alternative rock genre – fuzzrock have heard about, all over the world. As the rumour goes TF is probably the best band in the world.

The year of 2011 is a ten year celebration and what could be a more fitting present than their fisrst USA tour? An eleven gigs long tour in July started a buzz in the US about the amazing live band Truckfighters. Live is the prime element where they fully bloom. The three piece has a raw energy and they explode transferring their power to the audience. Now closing in on 300 live gigs all over Europe the time has come to the USA.

Another cool milestone is the release of a motion picture documentary that will be out in 2011. This film is totally amazing and is a must see not just for TF fans but for anyone interested in music or even a good film. Features interviews with Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age, calling Truckfighters “the best band that's ever existed”. Other cool rockers are also appearing as well as, live footage, studio footage, home footage. It is a complete and entertaining picture of Truckfighters.

As an additional spice the band have just released a collectors item coloured 12” vinyl with old demo recordings called “Hidden treasures of fuzz – The Anniversary of the Century ”. A new musicvideo for the song “Con of Man” is also out!


Truckfighters were formed ten years ago with the intention to make fresh music with a solid foundation in the heavy rock legacy. An intention that still applies and that have been proven by a steady progress of the bands sound and songwriting over the years. TF's never been afraid of mixing different styles or trying unconventional ideas whilst song writing.

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